We are happy to release our new specialized wedding line:

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We now have an all new wedding line specialised for your wedding needs. Cut the stress and enjoy your big day with your friends and family, we’ll take care of the rest. Click on the icons below to browse our gallery.


Everything you need for your big day

~ Testimonials ~

“Thank you Rima for making our engagement truly memorable. Everything was wonderful from decorations to music to the unique surprising projection. You did a wonderful job as always.”
— Judy Al Ahmad

“After we met so many of the top wedding planners in Bahrain I honestly say that we are so happy that we choose you to be our daughter's wedding planner. You are the best. Thank you & appreciate your sincerity, creativity & hard work, you truly turned the theme of 1001 nights to reality.”
— Lubna Al Alami

“What a fairy tale wedding. Rima Chehab, wow girl, you have out done yourself, everything was beautifully done!”
— Beverley Ann West


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